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Alexandria Russell and Ken Bartholomew Report on Remote Work in Post-Pandemic America

More than a year ago, many if not most businesses in New Hampshire faced the decision to either curtail operations or find new and creative ways for employees to work remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many employers had to and continue to navigate through a myriad of pandemic-related issues, including employee furloughs or layoffs, wage and hour issues, leave requests and the creation of new policies dealing with the safety and health of employees during the pandemic. Now, as the state vigorously pursues vaccination efforts, employers will have challenges about what a post-pandemic “new normal” will look like for them and their employees.  Read the full article, published in the New Hampshire Bar News (April 2021) here.

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One Person’s Trash… How a Good Idea and Real Teamwork Can Make A Difference

Does it make sense to say that one could save 6,500 gallons of home heating oil each day just by taking out the trash?  Seems like a stretch, right?  It’s not just a stretch, it’s happening around the nation right now. If you follow the waste stream to and through a landfill, you’ll find what others discovered about 25 years ago.  Landfill gas can be captured and burned to offset our use of conventional fossil fuels.  So something we do every day without much thought can actually produce enough energy to save fuel oil each day.  Convert that energy to electricity and you could power up to 5,000 homes.

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