November 19, 2014

Stan Arnold, Chris Sullivan and Kathryn Michaelis, all serving on the Board of Trustees of the New England State and Local Tax Forum, are proud to announce the scheduling of the 2014 conference for Wednesday, November 19th in Newton, Massachusetts. The Forum is a one-day conference designed to provide an annual update on significant state and local tax developments from across the nation with a particular focus on New England.  Now going into its third successful year, the Forum’s 2014 agenda focuses on nine topics with separate tracks, including market-based sourcing in Massachusetts and beyond, a multistate unitary combination update, top sales tax and non-income tax issues in 2014, and New York tax reform. Chris Sullivan is scheduled to present a national update on key legislative, judicial and policy developments in state tax from across the country.  In addition, the Forum will continue its successful sessions on the “Top Issues in New England SALT” and the six-state New England Commissioner’s Panel.  For more information about the organization and its 2014 agenda, please visit the Forum’s website at